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Terms and conditions

General information about Skarverennet

The Skarverennet course from Finse (competition classes and exercise) to Ustaoset runs 37 kilometers, and the course from Haugastøl (exercise only) to Ustaoset runs 25 kilometers. A backpack containing a warm change of clothes, food and drink is compulsory. Dogs or pulks/sleighs are not allowed on the course.

ALL registrations to Skarverennet must be done via our website at www.skarverennet.no

Registrations are binding. No part of the registration fee is refundable even if the registree is unable to participate because of sickness or other circumstances.

Personal information

By registering to Skarverennet, you consent to the publication of your name on the participant and results lists. These will also be published online, where the results from previous years are available. These lists may also contain information about age classes and club memberships. Personal data and results will be stored in our database in compliance with Norway’s Personal Data Act. By registering you also consent to the usage of pictures of you that may have been taken by the organizers or submitted to the organizers, on our website after the event. Pictures will be submitted to our photo archive and may be subject to reuse in similar contexts. Pictures may also be used for, or resold to, newspapers, magazines or other third parties for the use in posters or brochures a.o., including for promotional purposes.


All runners in the exercise class have paid for an accident insurance in their registration fee, to cover accidents during the race.

Competition runners without a year-round license must purchase a one-time license. The cost of this comes in addition to the registration fee. If you have FIS Code, this must also be registered. Seeding for the race is to be set up according to list 8, DI points, from FIS 23/24.

In the case of injuries, these must be reported on a separate form to Norges Skiforbund, see ABOUT THE RACE

Insurance for cancellation or lost equipment is optional and must be purchased by the registree.


Competition classes, with timing, are for participants from the age of 15 and up. We follow NSF class definitions. Age is counted from 2022. Competitions classes are freestyle. If you are registered with the wrong name or class, you will automatically be disqualified.

Train capacity dictates the number of participants in the competition classes. Therefore, registration is on a first come, first serve basis.

In the exercise class you may register and reserve up to 6 seats on the same train. Register your name while completing your registration after you have been given a place on the waiting list.

Exercise class is open for participants from the age of 10 and up, per 2023. It is the parents’/guardians’ responsibility to comply with the age limit.

Starting times

Competition classes

Youth – girls, junior women and senior women: 12.00AM

Youth – boys, junior men, senior men, app. 12.15AM

Exercise runner from Finse may start at will after the arrival of the first train to Finse at 6.45AM and until 12.15AM. Runners starting before 6.45AM and after 12.15AM are not be considered participants in the race.

Exercise runners from Haugastøl start at will between 8.30AM and 12.30PM.


After you have completed registration, you will receive an email with an invoice and payment information. You must pay the invoice within 5 days. Remember to input the correct KID number when paying. Registration is binding, and non-payment does not release you from registration. If you fail to pay by the due date, you will receive reminders per text message and email. If payment is still missing, you will be charged late fees and collection expenses.

Registration and start card

Registration opens for the exercise class on October 09.

Competition class registration opens on November 20.

The registration is a two-step process. First you register your email address and the number of entrants, as well as your desired place of departure. Subsequently, places in the race will be granted on a first come, first serve basis. If you are admitted to the race, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to a completion form. It is important not to lose this link! If you are not admitted to the race during the first round of admittances, you will be notified that you are on a waiting list.

You must complete registration within 6 hours. If you do not complete registration within this time, you lose your place which will then be granted to participants on the waiting list.

From October 21. you may log in and submit your name and other information.

In March 2023 you will receive an email with a start card. The start card will state the place where you can get your start number, or alternatively if it will be sent to you (applicable for day trips from Oslo and Bergen). The start card may be used/scanned only once.


You may submit changes to name/address from October 21. To April 19. You may not make changes to class or train.


Enlistment in the Skarverennet is binding. However, as participant you may sell your start number if you are unable to attend. You may sell the start number at www.eqtiming.me

Log in with your username and password at MIN SIDE. Follow the instructions. A transfer fee applies, of 100 NOK. Buyer pays the fee. The buyer will be invoiced per email. Instructions for sale/purchase may be seen here


By registering, the participants accept and terms and conditions herein described.

Any questions regarding Skarverennet?

Phone: +47 3209 5150

Email: [email protected]


Information in case of cancellation

(In compliance with NSF common regulations, passed by Skistyret 29.08.2017)

What does the starting fee consist of?

Entry fee (see prices on our website under Registration) minus registration costs, transportation costs, participant fee and license.

For the exercise class the entry fee is 700 NOK.

For the competition class the entry fee is 800 NOK.

Transportation costs:

No part of the transportation costs will be refunded in case of cancellation.

In case of cancellation on the day of the race:

In case of cancellation on the day of the race (including the evening and night before) due to unforeseen weather or climatic conditions or any other force majeure, the organizers will keep the registration fee.

In case of cancellation before the race day:

In case of cancellation before the race day, the following will be refunded:

In the exercise class: 50 % of the entry fee + registration fee 20 NOK and license 60 NOK.

In the competition classes: 50 % of the entry fee + registration fee 30 NOK and if applicable, one-time license.


Day trip from


Opens 7 October -10.00 am

Trim class


Opens 7 October -10.00 am

Trim class

25 or 15 KM TRIM

Opens 7 October -10.00 am

Competition class

37 KM

Opens 18 November - 10 am

”Vårens vakreste eventyr”

Vil du bli oppdatert jevnlig om nyheter og informasjon om Skarverennet? Alt du trenger å gjøre er å klikke deg inn under her, og vi vil dele vår informasjon med deg. Du kan når som helst avmelde deg om du ønsker dette.




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