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The weather in the mountains is unpredictable

Cancellation – the only reasonable option

Unfortunately, the Skarverennet 2024 had to be canceled. Given the conditions that arose during the morning, we saw no other option but to cancel the race and carry out a controlled shutdown.

The weather forecast for Saturday indicated it would be a windy day, with winds expected to decrease as the day progressed. Instead, the wind picked up significantly, and there was also low cloud cover with precipitation. At the time of the cancellation, there were 8,800 participants out on the course. Around 6,500 participants made it to the finish line at Ustaoset, while approximately 1,700 were directed back to Finse. Many participants chose to withdraw from the race and were transported out of the mountains.

Three trains en route to Finse were stopped, so participants aboard were unable to start the race. (These were the last trains carrying day-trippers from Bergen, the day-trip train from Oslo, and the competition train).

Skarverennet experienced much on this day, and there are numerous stories from both participants and officials. We will take everything into account for further evaluation and implementation of future races, to further enhance safety.


Proud volunteer tradition without financial gain

Skarverennet is based on an enormous volunteer effort of which we are very proud. The administration of Geilo IL consists solely of a Skarverenn coordinator, the managing director of GIL, and a financial manager. Any surplus from Skarverennet goes solely back into local sports, children and youth, and developing Skarverennet to remain «the most beautiful adventure of spring».

Additionally, a significant amount, cancellation or not, goes to NSF (Norwegian Ski Federation) and Buskerud Ski Association as a fee for organizing ski races.


Discount on next year’s Skarverenn

The rules regarding cancellation/interruption are outlined in the NSF’s common regulations dated 19.10.18. This is specified in the terms and conditions of registration, stating that in this situation, Skarverennet is not obligated to refund the registration fee. For details, please read the terms and conditions here: [link]

Regardless of whether Skarverennet, according to the NSF’s common regulations, is not obliged to grant a refund, we wish to offer the following to this year’s registered participants:

– All those registered for Skarverennet 2024, with their email address registered in the registration system, will receive a discount of 400 NOK on next year’s registration when they pre-register.

– Those who wish to pre-register without a discount (as a donation) will have the opportunity to do so (the choice will be available during registration).


We are already looking forward to a new skiing adventure in 2025 and warmly welcome you back.

Hope to see you there!



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The weather in the mountains is unpredictable

Cancellation – the only reasonable option Unfortunately, the Skarverennet 2024 had to be canceled. Given the conditions that arose during the morning, we saw no...

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